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August 16, 2023


Dear Friends in The Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church,

Members of The Florida Conference understand the long-term consequences of a natural disaster. When we read about the fires that ravaged the historic town of Lahaina, Hawaii, we knew that the loss of life, property and historical treasures was devastating. The lethal combination of hurricane-force winds and parched landscapes resulted in one of the most catastrophic wildfires the U.S. has ever witnessed. The entirety of Lahaina was consumed, and the surrounding region was impacted. As a result, thousands now grapple with displacement and homelessness, and the fire left a wake of grief due to the loss of life.  

I have asked Bishop Escobedo-Frank of the Cal-Pac Annual Conference to determine how we can best assist both immediate and long-term needs. She suggests we give to the Cal-Pac fund The money we collect and send will be used for the needs of the community and local United Methodist churches.  

In the mosaic of faith communities that span the globe, The United Methodist Church stands out with a distinct feature: the power of connection. This isn't just a word we use; it's a principle that deeply roots our mission and spirit. The United Methodist connection is a vivid testament to the belief that when we unite in purpose and heart, we can amplify the reach and depth of our service.

It's often in the harshest of times, when clouds of uncertainty hang heavy, that the strength of our connection shines the brightest. It's more than an organizational plan; it’s a living, breathing network of believers bound by a shared mission and a commitment to bear each other's burdens.

In The Florida Conference, we understand that being a part of this connection means that we are never truly alone. United Methodist generosity shows up in a variety of ways when it is most needed.  Our joys are magnified, our sorrows shared, and our needs addressed, not by an impersonal system, but by a church that believes in uplifting each member. It is our time to uplift the people of Lahaina and surrounding areas. 

Friends, we know the need is great. May we approach God and each other with a heart full of generosity, especially during times of crisis, trusting always in His abundant provision.

Bishop Tom Berlin 
Resident Bishop, Florida Conference 
The United Methodist Church 

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