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Choir Ministry

Trinity Choir is open to all who enjoy singing! We are a group of people ranging from those that read 4 part choral music to those who love to sing in the shower!  All we ask is that you come with a positive spirit, a desire to praise our Lord through music, and that you give your personal best.  Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 4:00 to 5:30 pm at the church beginning mid-October through mid-May. Did I forget to mention that we have a great deal of fun?!!

Photo of our Choir Director

Linda Heisler, Choir Director

Our Choir at Trinity started something like this: My husband and I had recently relocated to Florida and were in search of a church family. We visited Trinity, but were looking for that flashing neon sign from God that said “You should go here!” Trinity was welcoming, but there was no choir. Please talk to Pastor Danny, Bill Palmer suggested, as he would love a choir but we are in need of a leader. Oh no, was my husband’s reaction as we both realized that we just saw our “flashing neon sign!”

●"I was very apprehensive to join as I could not read notes,
but with the grace of God, choir members, and Linda, I felt
happy, joyful, and at peace."


Could not read music

●"I have no previous choir experience other than singing in
church and in high school which was
a long time ago. But I do love to sing, and I especially love
performing with Linda and our group."

Love to sing

No previous experience

●"It's amazing what can be accomplished by a bunch of
enthusiastic, Christian, fun loving,
singers, a great leader, and the grace of God.”

Enthusiastic bunch

Great leader

Please consider Joining Us!

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