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Interested in joining the

Trinity United Methodist Church Family?

Trinity United Methodist Church welcomes all who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior into the fellowship of this church. For persons who have not been baptized, please ask to meet with Pastor Brian. He will explain the meaning of Christian Baptism and church membership.


For persons who have been baptized and maintain membership in another church, regardless of denominational affiliation, you are welcome to join the Trinity UMC through a transfer of your membership or join as an affiliate member. 


All persons who wish to join Trinity United Methodist Church by affirmation of faith or transfer of membership are asked to honor and uphold the membership covenant of the United Methodist Church. This covenant states that you will support the church through your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

  • Prayers - Commit to pray for the congregational community and world. Recognize that prayer is a meaningful way to commune with God.

  • Presence - Regular attendance and involvement in worship services and church activities. Presence helps us grow as Christians and is an encouragement to other people who are searching for God.

  • Gifts - Use your talents, skills, and other spiritual gifts in ministry with other people. Be a good manager of what God has given you, and understand the biblical teaching to give tithes and offerings, or take regular steps toward giving.

  • Service - Serve through the various missional initiatives locally and around the world. Be creative and find ways to serve those in need by being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

  • Witness - Invite others to attend worship, small groups, and other activities. Share your faith with those who come along your path. Seek to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ at home, work, and around the world.


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